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My name is Stuart and I live in Phoenix, and all I want to do is have fun, fun fun! Sometimes it’s adult fun and sometimes it’s just hanging out with my mates. I love the kinky side Phoenix and I always explore the latest hot BDSM bars! There is always new stuff to explore. Especially around the parks. I am interested in spanking and even though I’m a straight guy I like watching other men spank other men. It’s well horny! 

Adult Couples Games Fetish Sexy Games Couples Can Play In Phoenix.

Adult couples games are great ways to rekindle the passion and fervor of romance in a relationship. Playing these games can help bring couples closer to one another. These games help set them in the mood for the more intense action ahead. In Phoenix games can be like a competition, a simple bonding activity or a form of pastime that couples can participate in together. Below are some game ideas that adult pairs of lovers can play.

Cross Dressing  

If you simply just want to have some fun and be hilarious during your private time together, you can explore each other’s wardrobe and pick some items that you can each wear. The husband can wear his wife’s shirt and vice versa with a little spanking. The undergarments can also be included in the cross dressing. Weird, though it may seem; you two might actually decide to start making out while wearing each other’s clothes.

Joining Webcam Chat
There are various chat websites that you can join and enjoy together. You do not necessarily need to make out in front of the webcam and broadcast it to everyone tuning in to that site. Simply have fun exploring and watching other people do their thing. You two would definitely feel the urge to foreplay with one another just by seeing others do it. You could even be adventurous by getting in the nude in front of the camera, but not showing each other’s faces to protect your identity. You might be surprised how this can make you even hotter for one another and discover each other’s exhibitionist nature.

Role Playing
This is actually a common fetish by some people or couples. Dressing up in character, like doctor and nurse or patient, can actually get them more in the mood. Although it is not a fetish that you and your spouse enjoy, trying this out might be good for your relationship. Choose characters that you both like and just have fun acting it out.

Strip Poker
Of course, here is a classic game that you should not forget when thinking of passionate games to play. This is especially fun and exciting if you are bold enough to play it with other couples. Yet, if you really think that your nakedness are meant just for the two of you, you can still play it by yourselves; add some challenges and dares to make the game more thrilling.

Use Of Sex Toys
When we speak about games, we also think about toys; and adult couples games can also be added with some adult toys. You can shop discreetly for adult toys or you can also dress up one another as if you were sex toys. If you are the wife, you can act in character like you were a doll and simply let your husband do what he thinks he wants to do with the toy with a lot of spank.

Gay Spanking VideosSome people like to watch gay spanking videos that show men being spanked by other me. These MM Spanking Videos are not about sex but feature punishment in the movies that some people find erotic.


Scavenger’s Hunt
Parties are not the only occasions where treasure hunt games are played. Even couples can also play this game with one another. One of you can prepare hiding the treasures ahead of time. For every piece of treasure found, you can offer rewards like removing a piece of clothing or performing an intimate act.

Visiting Phoenix Beautiful Sites.

Many tourists travel to Phoenix to enjoy the warm climate and diverse culture. Phoenix attractions draw millions of visitors a year. You won’t lack for things to do in Phoenix.

Outdoors Adventures Exploring Phoenix’s Mountains

Camel-back Mountain is right center of the Valley of the Sun. Mountain climbers and hikers can climb it via Echo Canyon or Cholla Trails and get scenic view of the city.

South Mountain Park and Preserve is the site of the largest municipal park in the US with over 50 miles of trails that hikers of any experience will enjoy. Visit the mountain in spring and enjoy the beautiful yellow Mexican poppies which grow there in abundance. In the east, you will find Superstition Springs which famous for being the site of the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine. Apart from chasing the Dutchman’s tale, the park is also a great place for hikers of all ages to visit.

Desert Tours

Phoenix offers many guided Desert Tours. Roam through the Sonoran Desert in a Jeep, Hummer, horse, or ATV. Desert hiking tours that take you beyond Phoenix to other interesting sports in Arizona are also available.

If a bird’s eye view of Phoenix unique terrain is what you are looking for, a Helicopter tour will afford you breathtaking views of the city, take you to the Grand Canyon and all over Arizona.

Water Recreation

You will be surprised to learn just how many lakes occupy the city’s desert canyons. Lakes Saguaro, Pleasant, Canyon, Roosevelt, Powell, and Havasu are perfect for boating, waterskiing and jet-skiing.

Phoenix Shopping

Shopaholics are sure to find something to satiate their wants at Biltmore Fashion Park, Kierland Commons or the Waterfront. They should also visit the quaint boutiques in historic homes in downtown Phoenix and vintage home and garden shops on 7th Avenue.

Family Fun Phoenix Zoo

For families visiting Phoenix can visit Phoenix Zoo and check out the monkey areas, camels and safari animals. Phoenix Zoo is named as one of the US’s top five zoos for kids.

Out of Africa

Experience Africa just North of Phoenix and see African animals up close in the wildlife preserve. Out of Africa also a Serengeti Safari, snake show, and predator feed.

Children’s Museum of Phoenix

Kids aged 10 and below will surely enjoy the many activities the Children’s Museum of Phoenix has to offer. The museum has wide play spaces, a pool, noodle forest, tricycle car wash, kid-staffed grocery store, art rooms, libraries and more.

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